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Support a legacy of more than wildlife conservation this Tuesday, December 3rd- Giving Tuesday.

“Giving Tuesday is a big national event that is celebrated by non-profits all over,” explains Jacob Schlueter, Wildlife Safari’s marketing director, “it’s a great way to share in the mission of the non-profits people are passionate about, after the deluge of shopping days like Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Small Business Saturday.”

Wildlife Safari’s #MoreThanWildlife campaign hopes to showcase some of the community engagement activities that the park throws each year.

“Probably the most significant thing we do out here at Wildlife Safari,” explains Dan Van Slyke, the park’s executive director, “is an event in August called Dreamnight. Dreamnight brings kids from all over the region who are dealing with terminal and chronic illness, kids who literally may not be here next year, and gives them and their families an evening of totally stress-free fun with other families sharing in the same struggles. We find that not only does the burden of the illness fall on the parents and the sick kids, but on the brothers and sisters of the kids who may be experiencing unique stresses themselves.”

“In terms of substance, Dreamnight is the most important thing we do.”

The park’s staff hopes that people will donate this year to the Giving Tuesday campaign keeping in mind all the park does to connect communities, children and at-risk groups to wildlife, especially those who may not have any other chance to engage with animals in such a unique way.

“The park offers educational programming for people  of all ages year round, a day called Day of Discovery which welcomes handicapped people from all over the state to enjoy a worry-free day, and of course some of our most popular events like Wildlights and Zoobilee, all of which are ways to better engage the public into that life-long mission to know and preserve wildlife,” Van Slyke continued, “and we want people to know that supporting Giving Tuesday at Wildlife Safari supports all of these activities, and much, much more.”

“Imagine another place where kids can go on an African safari to learn all about native and exotic wildlife during a field trip- you can’t get that at the typical zoo- and there’s nothing more special on earth than this place that brings people together with animals,” Schlueter concluded.

The public is encouraged to celebrate #MoreThanWildlife on Tuesday, December 3rd by making a donation to the park at in any amount or by purchasing a symbolic animal adoption on that day at

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