Support a legacy of Wildlife Conservation


Wildlife Safari is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization operating solely on admission tickets, donations and granted funds, Wildlife Safari receives no local, state or federal tax funding and we need your support to help save species. 

Your support could help any number of lofty projects that Wildlife Safari has set its eyes on, including the creation of a Tembo Darasani or Elephant Classroom to connect humans with mighty elephants while learning about their struggle to survive as a species; building an expanded Sumatran Tiger Oasis to launch a Species Survival Plan spearheaded project to breed these most endangered of tigers and help save their kind; to engage with local communities on the intricate and vital matters of human-wildlife conflict and much, much more. Your dollars also support a thriving conservation committee which dedicates money, staff time and support to major international wildlife conservation initiatives including the International Elephant Foundation, Cheetah Conservation Botswana and many more.

Give now to support Wildlife Safari’s stalwart commitment to free-roaming animal habitats, students of science and conservation, international efforts to preserve species and unparalleled caring for the planet and all of its residents. 

For a limited time, residents of Glide and those affected by forest fires get into Wildlife Safari for free.