Khayam Junior is now almost 11 months old! He has grown so much since he first arrived at the park in January of this year. He and his puppy pal, Rhino, have been doing great at the park. In recent months, they have started going up to the Cheetah Drive Thru to explore new enclosures, see lots of new cheetahs and even get to see our tigers up close! If you don’t catch them down in Cheetah Spot, be sure to keep an eye out for them in the Drive Thru. 

Both of them are still growing! After doing a dog DNA test, we discovered that Rhino is a whole mix of breeds and none are them are what we were expecting. He has weighed about 45 pounds for the last several months and seems to be done growing by leaps and bounds. Don’t worry though, he still has the upper hand playing with KJ because dogs have more dominant personalities than cheetahs. 

KJ is now over 60 pounds! When he was born, he only weighed just over a pound. He is about 2 feet tall at his shoulder and will continue to grow until he is about 2 years old. We are expecting him to be about 100 pounds and stand about 3 feet tall at the shoulders. KJ will continue to do encounters around the park like cheetah strolls, big cat paintings, and the cheetah photo encounter. He will also continue going on off site outreaches to schools, nursing homes, and so much more! We are so excited to keep watching him grow into an amazing conservation ambassador for cheetahs in the wild. 

KJ giving his keeper an affectionate lick while on a walk through the Safari Village

Rhino using KJ as a pillow while on an outreach

KJ soaking up the views of Cheetah Drive Thru

KJ and Rhino having lots of fun lounging in Cheetah Spot