Virtual Safari

Zoomfari Virtual Presentations

Looking for a way to supplement your teaching? Enhance your zoom meeting? Entertain your kids? Our Zoomfaris are the perfect way to connect people with the natural world from the comfort of your own home! These online, real time animal programs are tailored to your audience. You can choose from our existing programs that are aligned with the Oregon State Standards or make a custom request! To inquire about traveling educational presentations, please reach out to our education department at 541.679.6761 ex 3221 or at

Safari Express! 30 minute program $350
Safari Extravaganza! 60 minute program $500

*All programs subject to availability; Wildlife Safari reserves the right to substitute animals


Elephants, Giraffe, Hippos

Travel to North Africa and meet our megafauna! Spend some time at the barn learning about our elephant herd, understanding why giraffe are called the watchtowers of the Serengetti and meet Padron and Tony the hippos!


Snakes, Lizards, Tortoises

Are snakes really slimy? Who is the largest tortoise at Safari? Get up close and personal with some slithery friends! From an eight foot long snake to a tortoise who can live 80 years, you will learn about a variety of species in the reptile kingdom.


Flamingoes, Parrots, Cranes

Mammals aren’t the only social creatures, birds are all about mingling too! From parrot preening to crane choreography, birds spend a lot of time together. Synchronized dances and group swims are a big part of bird life, but these activities aren’t just done for fun. Meet Safari’s most colorful feathered residents to discover the benefits of being a boisterous bird.

Totally into

Variety of Available Animals

How does an animal learn a new behavior? Why do we train our animals? Can any animal be trained? Get a behind the scenes look at the variety of behaviors our animals are capable of and learn all about the different ways these behaviors help us work with them.


Variety of Available Animals

Safari animals have it made compared to their wild cousins! They don’t have to chase down food, fight for a spot to sleep, or deal with disease on their own. Living the life of leisure is great, but what do Safari animals do with their extra time?That’s where enrichment comes into play! Learn what enrichment is, how keepers choose items for each animal, and what animals do with these items.