2:30 Big Bear Feed

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Imagine getting face to face with a mighty Alaskan Coastal brown bear! With Big Bear at Wildlife Safari, you have the opportunity to hop onto a safari open air truck and journey to the heart of Bear Island! Learn all about the mighty brown bears at Wildlife Safari, what makes each of the bears at the park different, and toss them treats! Help keepers provide the bears with their daily diets and work toward mimicking their natural wild behaviors. And remember- any closer and you’d be lunch!

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What's Included

Join Wildlife Safari bear keepers in a caged safari vehicle and help to feed the bears in the bear loop. Help to encourage natural foraging behaviors by tossing treats directly to them, or by leaving treats in the tall grasses for them to find later! Learn all about the brown bear troupe at Wildlife Safari and please DO feed the bears!

What's not Included

Animal Enrichment Encounters do not include regular Drive Through admission. Big Bear Feed is a hands-on encounter.


Big Bear Feeds have limited availability, so book the day you want to participate in advance. Can't get the day you want online? Give our Guest Services team a call at 541.679.6761 and they will assist you further.

Cancellations/ Refunds

Wildlife Safari Animal Enrichment Encounters are generally non-refundable. However, Wildlife Safari is happy to arrange alternate encounters, dates, accommodations and transfers of purchases.

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