Khayam & Mchumba Birthday Bash



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Celebrate a Legacy of Cheetah Conservation at Wildlife Safari

Saturday, February 24th, Starting at 12:00 p.m.

Join the Wildlife Safari cheetah team in celebrating Khayam and Mchumba’s sixth birthday at the carnivore drive through! We’ll be meeting at the front of the Always Free Safari Village where we’ll begin our journey to the carnivore loop to meet with cheetahs, pose for photos, learn all about cheetahs, meet the Sumatran tigers (and check out their newly expanded habitat!) and more! Enjoy watching cheetahs young and old enjoying the extra enrichment that comes with a birthday celebration, raise a cupcake to the incredible ambassadors and inspire a deeply personal connection to wildlife conservation in yourself or a loved one!

Wildlife Safari is the number one cheetah breeding facility in the United States and the number two cheetah breeding center on Earth. Learn about our commitment to cheetah conservation, contribute by meeting and learning all about cheetahs and have an incredibly rare experience as you tour the usually-off-limits areas of the park. For just $5, you become the VIP and help support a global effort to support cheetah survival.

Wildlife Safari has partnered with Cheetah Conservation Botswana to help support the effort to save wild cheetahs. Many cheetahs are killed in the wild by ranchers trying to protect their livestock, but we can help. Livestock Guarding Dog programs like those directed by CCB can help turn the tide on the decline of cheetahs. Learn more about Cheetahs and the efforts to save them in the wild.

Wildlife Safari is making event registration a breeze by providing virtual tickets! While you should receive a receipt and order confirmation, no physical tickets will be sent. Simply check in at Guest Services using the name you purchased tickets under or the order confirmation number in your email! Questions or concerns? Contact Guest Services at 541.679.6761.


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What's Included

Admission to Khayam & Mchumba's Birthday Bash on February 24th, 2018 at noon

Cheetah encounters and informational keeper talks for all guests in attendance

Cupcakes for all guests in attendance

What's Not Included

Cheetah Photos- Cheetah photos which guests can pose for and have photos taken with their own phone or devices are available for $10.00 per group, a savings from the usual price of $15 per person on the standard photo encounter

Drive Through admission is not included with this event registration, and drive through tickets must be purchased separately, if desired

Additional Information

Cheetahs will be both in habitats and out inside the drive through area of this event, under cheetah keeper direction.

Cheetahs will be in habitats to open "gifts" specially made for carnivores and out of their habitats for photos, keeper talks, etc.

This event is safe for all ages, but all children must be accompanied by adult supervision.

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