Creature Crates!


What’s inside a Creature Crate?

While each crate will be slightly different, they will include:
 An animal information page
 Animal plush
 STEAM project materials
 Special autographed note from one of our zookeepers
 Exclusive virtual keeper chat video
 A surprise animal gift!

What are the monthly themes?

Each box will be a surprise! They will all be themed around animals at Wildlife Safari.


Cost for buying an individual box: $40 while on Early Bird sale until the end of March. $50 per box after that.

Year subscription (1 box shipped every other month, 6 boxes total): $210 (savings of over 30% per box) while on Early Bird sale until the end of March. $270 per subscription after that.

Free shipping!

Shipping is currently limited to the mainland U.S.


Creature Crates!
Creature Crates are uniquely designed boxes with animal related STEAM projects. STEAM is an acronym for curriculum based on five specific disciplines – science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. We understand that this school year has been a bit different so our team of educators created these boxes specifically for at-home learning!

*All sales are final. For more information or help purchasing please e-mail or
call the Education Department at 541-679-6761 x221