Daily Add On: 10:00 Sumatran Tiger Tour Single Adult or Child

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Get as close to Sumatran Tigers as anyone should! Our sisters will amaze you with their unique personalities, incredible curiosity and mesmerizing eyes. Journey to the land of the carnivores at Wildlife Safari and watch the Sumatran tigers interact with their newly enhanced and enlarged exhibit. Learn all about their peculiar habits, watch them show off their incredible skills and hear them chuff as they enjoy their own treats! Sumatran tigers are some of the most endangered big cats on the planet, so make sure you ask all about Wildlife Safari’s global tiger conservation efforts.

Encounters can fill up fast, so be sure to call ahead to make sure you get on your encounter on the day you are visiting. 

Because Wildlife Safari Enrichment Encounters include bused or open-air adventures through the park’s drive-through, regular drive through admission is required when registering¬†for any Enrichment Encounter activity. Get your Drive Through Admissions by clicking here.

Wildlife Safari is making enrichment encounter registration a breeze by providing virtual tickets! While you should receive a receipt and order confirmation, no physical tickets will be sent. Simply check in at Guest Services using the name you purchased tickets under or the order confirmation number in your email! Questions or concerns? Contact Guest Services at 541.679.6761.

Additional information

What's Included

Join Wildlife Safari animal keepers outside of the tiger huts to observe trained behaviors, which help the tigers to participate in their own veterinary care. Get as close as 5 feet away from Sumatran tigers, watch them devour snacks and hear them chuff with delight. Tiger Tours give you the rare opportunity of being on your feet in the usually drive-through only carnivore loop.

What's not Included

Animal Enrichment Encounters do not include regular Drive Through admission, which is required to participate in Enrichment Encounters.

Tiger Tours are not hands-on encounters.

How long does this adventure last?

Animal Enrichment Encounters last between 20 and 30 minutes, depending on the number of people registering for the encounter. Encounters will not be cut short while there are still questions, or while the keeper staff is still educating the public.


While Sumatran Tiger Tours don't typically fill up, calling no more than 2 days ahead can help guarantee your space on an encounter. Give Wildlife Safari a call any time during business hours to speak with a guest services representative at 541.679.6761.

Cancellations/ Refunds

Wildlife Safari Animal Enrichment Encounters are generally non-refundable. However, Wildlife Safari is happy to arrange alternate encounters, dates, accommodations and transfers of purchases.

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