Elephant Painting: Black, Gold & Red




Wildlife Safari is excited to offer paintings made by the elephants living right here in Southern Oregon! Purchase this totally unique sponge painting and bring home a peculiar piece of art or give the gift of conservation!

Safari’s Black & Gold painting on a red canvas makes for a striking conversation piece. You will also receive a little bit of background information on the animal who created your painting.

Each painting is 16×20 on stretched canvas, spray paint is used to give the canvas its color. Paintings are created using a sponge brush at the end of an elephant’s trunk- providing unique and exciting animal enrichment to the elephants.

100% of the profits from the sale of these paintings goes to funding Tembo Darasani, an exciting new elephant habitat expansion at Wildlife Safari in Winston, OR.

Tembo: elephant Darasani: classroom

Tembo Darasani is a plan to expand the habitat for the Wildlife Safari elephant herd, along with a unique, fully integrated classroom for guests. The expansion will cover several acres of usable elephant habitat and will also provide Wildlife Safari guests with an improved elephant experience. By increasing the space for the elephants and altering the fencing, drive-through guests will be able to view the elephants in a more varied terrain with limited visual barriers. The elephants would also be closer to the road on both the Africa and Asia sides of the drive-thru.

The central feature of Tembo Darasani is a fully accessible and integrated classroom which would allow guests from all walks of life to experience the largest land animal on the planet up close and in person with unobtrusive safety barriers and amazing views to provide the true ‘safari experience’. The classroom would allow us to bring guests together with elephants and participate in all aspects of elephant care, from bathing and footwork to training sessions and enrichment opportunities.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 21 × 18 × 2 in
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