George’s 36th Birthday!




Join Wildlife Safari in celebrating the larger than life birthday of the most gigantic resident in the Pacific North West!

Travel down to the elephant barn any time between 12-3:30 to meet George and help his elephant friends celebrate his 36th Birthday! Enjoy your human birthday cake while they chow down on the most amazing cake made of fruit and other goodies the elephants love! Don’t miss out!

Additional information


Hop on a Safari encounter vehicle every 20-30 minutes with the first bus leaving at noon and the last bus leaving at 3:30 and travel down to the elephant barn to help celebrate George's birthday!


Guests can arrive any time between noon and 3:30pm

What can we do?

Guests will receive their own piece of cake as they watch George and his pals enjoy a their own cake made from fresh fruit, produce and molasses! Guests will have the opportunity to pet and take photos with George the Elephant.


Wheelchairs are welcome. If a guest cannot board our buses safely, they may drive themselves to the elephant barn if prior arrangements have been made.