Education Sprouting Seeds + Passport Activity




(1) Students will learn about how plants grow and what plants need to thrive
(2) Students will use observational and physical skills to germinate seeds into edible
(3) Students will create a diagram showing the life cycle of a plant
Appropriate Ages: Students of all ages will enjoy planting and growing their own
vegetables. We also offer extensions for those who want additional learning
Background information:
If you have ever eaten an apple or a watermelon, then you’ve seen seeds! Seeds are
the small parts of a plant that allow the plant to reproduce, or grow more plants. Within
each seed lives a tiny plant, called an embryo. Given the correct combination of water,
oxygen and temperature, this tiny plant will explode out of the seed and begin its life!
This process is called germination.
In this activity, you will open up several seeds and identify the parts inside. You are
going to create your own diagram showing the life cycle of a plant. You will then
construct the perfect environment for your seeds to sprout and grow into full-grown
plants that you can eat!
Provided materials:
• Cress seeds
• Cotton wool
• Pinto beans
• Follow-up activity sheets
• Googly eyes
Recommended materials:
• Egg shells (or small glass jars if allergic to eggs)
• Egg carton
• Markers
• Water
• Cup
• Dull knife (optional)
• Magnifying Glass (optional)

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