Wildlife Safari to Celebrate #GivingTuesday this year

Each year, hundreds of organizations come together on the Tuesday after Thanksgiving to celebrate the giving that helps uplift and support their communities, missions and more. #GivingTuesday provides individuals the opportunity, after the passing of Black Friday and...

Wildlife Safari Steps up for Critically Endangered Sumatran Tigers

Wildlife Safari and the Ladies Auxiliary of Wildlife Safari are preparing to celebrate the grand opening of the Tiger Oasis, a major expansion to the park’s Sumatran tigers habitat. Sumatran tigers are critically endangered and the goal of the newly expanded habitat...

Carmen the Cockatoo

Carmen lives in the aviary section of the Wildlife Safari Village – come and meet her in person!

Animal Enrichment- Making life fun!

The primary job of keepers at Wildlife Safari is to ensure that all of our animals are happy and healthy. This requires a little extra effort on the part of the keepers. The key is to give the animals new things to interact with every single day. The public helps with...

Tiger Times

Riya and Kemala are 4 year old sisters, that came to us 2 years ago from Texas. Sumatran tigers weigh in at about 200 lbs and are the smallest of the 5 subspecies, with Siberian tigers being the largest at 700 lbs. Tigers can live into their teens in captivity, but...


Meet Huckleberry, Wildlife Safari’s ambassador chicken.

Training for Healthy Bodies and Minds

People tend to think that training involves ridding an animal of its natural instincts in order to tame it. In fact, our training is just the opposite.

It’s Hibernating Season for the bears!

Hibernation is a learned behavior, something they need to be taught, rather than instinct. This means that when orphan bears end up in captivity, it can be difficult to teach them to hibernate.

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