Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of our most common questions answered!

For any other questions you might have, contact Guest Services at 541-679-6761.

When are you closed?
We are open year-round, and are only closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

When is the best time to come? When are the animals fed? Does the weather affect the animals?
Anytime is a good time, though the animals do tend to be closer to the road when its colder out! The animals are all on different schedules and are fed at different times throughout the day. The weather does not affect the park.

Do you need a reservation?
No, you can enter the park at any time between open and close.

Do we drive our own car?
Yes. Any size vehicle can go through.

How long does the drive thru take? How big is the park? What animals will we see?
The drive through takes about 1-2 hours. The park is over 600 acres, the drive is 4.5 miles long, and we have around 100 different species.

Can we touch or feed the animals?
The only animals you can touch are in the village petting zoo. You can feed some animals in the Asia section of our drive thru by purchasing feed cups when available in that section. You can feed or get closer to some of our animals by doing an animal encounter.

Can I bring my pet? Why not?
Pets are not allowed in the park. It is unsafe for your pet and our animals. Services animals are allowed but have extra rules to follow. We do have a kennel area available for you to keep your pet in while visiting the park.

Are the tickets per carload?
No, the tickets for the drive thru and for the encounters are per person.

Are the animal encounters separate from the drive thru?
Yes. The animal encounters are separate tickets from the drive thru. The encounters are separate experiences at set times throughout the day.

Do you have train or camel rides?
Yes. The train is open year-round, tokens can be purchased in guest services. The camel rides are seasonal and are available Spring-Summer.

Are you a nonprofit? Who owns the park?
Yes, Wildlife Safari is an owned and operated 501c3 nonprofit organization. We were opened in 1972 by Frank Hart, but are now managed by a board of directors.

Drive Through Rules & Restrictions

  • Wildlife Safari is located in Winston, Oregon, just minutes off of I-5.
  • Animal Enrichment Encounter tickets do not include drive-through admission, which is required to participate in Animal Enrichment Encounters.
  • Be sure to check out the Always Free Safari Village.
  • Mothers get in free on Mother’s Day, fathers get in free on Father’s Day, veterans get in free on Veteran’s Day.

Wildlife Safari gives you the opportunity to take a trip to Southern Oregon to escape on a wild African Safari and get up close to ostrich, Watusi cattle, lions and zebra. Venture through the homes of hippos and the land of the scimitar horned oryx. Your journey will take you through Southern Africa where the Rhino and Giraffe rule. Carry on to interpretive wetlands, cleaning the local waters in reaffirmation of our commitment to the soil before venturing into the land of bears, bison and elk within the sprawling canyon forests of North America. Take a trip past the awe-inspiring African elephants and prepare to enter the land of emu, yak and white naped cranes as your tour of the incredibly diverse wildlife of planet Earth continues on in Asia. Dare yourself to end your journey with a trip through a carnivore loop featuring Wildlife Safari’s top cheetah breeding grounds and ferocious Sumatran Tigers. At Wildlife Safari, adventure rules daily.

  • While ticket and enrichment encounter payments are non-refundable, should you need to reschedule our guest services department would be happy to assist you with an alternate time or an upgraded encounter.
  • Encounter times subject to change, please call ahead for availability.
  • Tickets for drive through admission do not expire, and are valid until redeemed.
  • Enter the Wildlife Safari Drive Through Animal Park at your own risk.
  • Park Restrictions & Important Information:
    • No Open Top Vehicles (Convertibles must have tops up at all times)
    • No Motorcycles
    • No pets are allowed in the Safari Drive-Through, nor in the Safari Village