Safari Projects

Watch us grow!

Your donations help us grow! Making substantial improvements to our infrastructure requires significant support from our community and visitors. We are so proud of the changes we were able to make over the years thanks to donors, corporate sponsors, visitors and foundation grants. Take a look at some of the most recent capital projects that Wildlife Safari was able to accomplish and the exciting projects we have planned for the future!

Completed Projects

2022 – Long Neck Lodge

The Long Neck Lodge will expand the ways people can interact with our giraffes and the number of giraffes we can house at the park. Guests are able to feed the giraffes from a viewing deck built on the outside of the barn and from a wheelchair accessible lower patio area designed to give the same feeding options from the ground level.

2020 – Lion Lookout

This addition to the lion area, accessible in the drive through, boasts more space for our pride to grow, as well as additional opportunities for viewing these majestic cats as they bask in the sun atop their new rock feature.

2019 – Holding Barn

This off-exhibit facility is a transitional barn for injured animals, new moms needing extra time with their young, and larger sick animals requiring medical attention from our vet staff.

2018 – Cheryl Ford Center

A beautiful space for indoor camps and educational classes, party rentals, and corporate retreats, this facility connects Wildlife Safari with the community in a variety of ways.