Get your tickets to a one of a kind Safari adventure! Travel from Africa, to the Americas, to Asia and through a carnivore loop in about an hour and a half, drive at your own pace, 400+ acre free-roaming animal park! Make a day of your Safari adventure and be sure to book some extra up-close animal encounters and enrichment!

Enrichment Encounters

Meet a cheetah without the fences, feed an elephant, journey to the land of bears, see a tiger paint and more! Learn all about Wildlife Safari’s larger than life animal residents and even join in the important activities that help to enrich and stimulate their lives. But, be careful! Any closer, and you’d be lunch!

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A membership is the best way to experience the park! Get your membership today and experience unlimited, year-round access to the Safari drive through, special discounts and deals, early invitations to events, discounts on education programs and more! Learn more about membership benefits here.

Animal Arts

Support Elephant Conservation at Wildlife Safari by ordering your one of a kind piece of animal artwork below!
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