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Drive Thru Safari Tickets

Drive Thru Safari Tickets

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Escape to our Wild Drive Thru Safari!


60-90 minutes
Arrive any time during our operating hours

Operating Hours

  • March - September: 9am to 6pm (last car admission at 6pm)
  • October: 9am to 5pm (last car admission at 5pm)
  • November - March: 9am to 4pm (last car admission at 4pm)
  • We are open 363 days a year! Closed only on Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day. 


Children 2 and under are FREE admission

Escape on a wild safari drive thru adventure and get up close to eland, watusi cattle, lions and zebra. Venture through the homes of hippos and the land of the scimitar horned oryx. Your Safari journey will take you through Southern Africa where the rhino and giraffe rule. Carry on to interpretive wetlands, cleaning the local waters in reaffirmation of our commitment to the soil before venturing into the land of bears, bison and elk within the sprawling canyon forests of North America.

Take a trip past the incredibly inspiring African elephants and prepare to enter the land of emu, yak and white-naped cranes as your tour of the incredibly diverse wildlife of planet Earth continues on in Asia. Dare yourself to end your journey with a trip through a carnivore loop featuring Wildlife Safari’s top cheetah breeding grounds and ferocious Sumatran Tigers. All from the comfort of your own vehicle, rain or shine, year round.

Safari Restrictions

  • No Open Top Vehicles (Convertibles must have tops up at all times)
  • No Motorcycles
  • No pets are allowed in the Safari Drive Thru, nor in the Safari Village. Services animals are allowed but have extra rules to follow. We do have a kennel area available for you to keep your pet in while visiting the park.
  • User(s) of this ticket (“USER”) understand and assume all inherent risks of close interactions with unpredictable wildlife (“INHERENT RISKS”), and release Wildlife Safari from all claims, injuries, damages, personal injuries, or property damage, relating to all INHERENT RISKS and USER’s use of this ticket.
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