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Wildlife Safari Winston

Elephant Mystery Pack

Elephant Mystery Pack

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Get your very own unique elephant brush painting, trunk kiss, and blow painting! 

In a mystery pack, you will get a trunk kiss, a brush painting, and a blow painting made by one of the elephants at Wildlife Safari and selected by the staff just for you! 

Three 8x10 canvases, Expect 1 to 2 weeks for painting to be made before shipment.

Trunk kisses are made by putting non toxic, child safe paint on the end of an elephants trunk and having them press against the canvas giving you the outline of their trunk. Brush paintings are made by having the elephant hold a sponge with paint on it and they will move it around on the canvas like brush strokes. Blow paintings are made by putting a water based non toxic, child safe paint in the end of elephants trunk and they spray it out creating a splatter paint effect. 

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